***Your home may be at risk***

Schneider Electric™ Recalls 1.4 Million Electrical Panels & 700,000 breakers Due to Thermal Burn and Fire Hazards

There are many dangers that come with having an unsafe electrical panel

If the panel is not up to code, it could cause an electrical fire. This is a serious hazard because it could not only damage your home but also injure or kill anyone who is inside it. Another reason why it is important to have a safe electrical panel is that it can prevent blackouts.

Recall on 700,000 Square D AFCI breakers

As with other new technologies, when AFCI breakers were introduced there were many problems.  Square D AFCI breakers were no strangers to these issues.

What Should you do?

Home owners should verify they do not have Square D panels and/or breakers on their home’s electrical panel. This can be check by:
  • opening your electrical panel door (like you would to reset a breaker)
  • Look inside the door of the panel for the catalog number and date code to verify it is not on this >>recall list<<
  • look for an AFCI breaker with a blue test button. An example of a Square D breaker with a blue test button is attached to this post.

Immediately contact Schneider Electric if you have either panel and/or breaker. From there they will coordinate a trained electrician to determine if a repair is required free of charge.

Schneider Electric Technical toll-free at 888-778-2733 from 8 a.m. through 8 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, online at www.se.com/us/qoloadcenter-safetyrecallnotice or at  www.se.com/us/en/  and click on Recall Safety Notice for more information.

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